Dos and Don’ts of Video Storytelling

After making my first group video on the topic of 'how digital media has changed our experience of art,' I have learnt a lot about vitial things to do and some things not to do. In order to help other people make a good video, I have made a vlog which goes through rules of... Continue Reading →


Modern Art

The Telegraph published an article last month drawing on the topic of digital media and how museums must 'embrace' the technological advances. It explains how times have changed and the way we experience art has adapted to the change. However, there is a small opposition to social media taking over the traditional experience of art.... Continue Reading →

Changing Stereotypes of Care Homes

Care homes have been given a lot of unfair hate over the treatment of the elderly residents. Members of the public believe that care homes are places of abuse and have many negative comments about the industry. However, from my experience of working at a care home for 3 years, I believe that the stereotypes... Continue Reading →

Newspaper Review – Matthew Falder

Dr. Mathew Falder - the dark web paedophile - has stolen headlines across the press. Blackmail, distributing indecent images of children and causing GBH. 137 charges against 46 victims. What do we know about this Cambridge graduate? Listen below to discover how the press state their knowledge and opinion about the 'warped and sadistic' paedophile.... Continue Reading →

East Coast Mainline

The East Coast Mainline may become publicly owned by the Government as Stagecoach has made a huge loss. The company was owned by Stagecoach in conjunction with Virgin Trains, they have been allowed to end their franchises early. Members of the public have been ensured that their commutes would not be affected and the Government... Continue Reading →

Do Alcohol Ads Affect Alcoholism?

Vox Pop We asked the members of the public whether they thought playing alcohol ads after 9 o'clock would reduce alcoholism. People had many opinions of the topic which is widely debated, many people thought that there would be no difference in the ads were played later on in the evening. We came up with... Continue Reading →

PDP Section 3 – My Media Diet

Publications I should be reading… Vogue Magazine/National Geographic Magazine - These mags are about culture and fashion – 2 areas I’m interested in! They are both popular and I can pick up the writing styles from reading the mags. The Guardian - The Guardian is a good left-wing newspaper, it is full of reliable news which... Continue Reading →

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